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New School added to the Register

The McLeod Centre for Learning, London - Category TC

"Parents rate the centre as excellent both administratively and in the teaching and in the care that is taken."

The pupils "liked their teachers, thought that they were excellent, and felt that they made progress especially in reading, spelling and with their maths. One reported that it was the best place!"

Consultants: Nick Rees, date of visit 28th October 2014, approved by Council November 2014

New School added to the Register

The Sheila Ferrari Dyslexia Centre, Essex - Category TC

Formerly part of Avon House School, and registered as such since 1999, the centre now has it's own identity.

"The Sheila Ferrari Centre does a great deal more than teach students, although it teaches them very successfully. It is a force for good in the community in that it promulgates knowledge about specific learning differences throughout the area."

"One student commented: This is such an amazing place to be- you always feel welcome-they are firm but fair- they work with you and congratulate you in so many ways. The teacher and counsellor who supported me are both amazing."

Consultants: Ros McCarthy, date of visit 16th September 2014, approved by Council November 2014

Do you want to know how changes to Special Educational Needs provision could affect your child?

Dyslexia Action have written a new guide

Designed to help you understand the changes to special educational needs and disability (SEND) provision that are being introduced in England from September 2014 and what this will mean for you and your child.

A new webiste we want parents to know about

Dyslexia Assist

Dyslexia Assist is a newly formed small charity set up by a group of parents who have struggled with supporting their children throughout their education. Our main aim is to share advice and learning tips in an informal and accessible way and invite others to work with us to build a relevant and useful resource for both parents and children. We have no shop, affiliation or request for donations.

Like CReSTeD, Dyslexia Assist have recongised that not every child wants, needs or should change school. They are working to set up a list of "Dyslexia Assist friendly tutors" and are looking for parents and children to help them out. If you can help them find tutors who can in turn help others, please go to their website and let's get this list moving.

New School added to the Register

Brockhurst and Marlston House Schools: Palmer House Learning Development Centre, Berkshire - Category DU

"Staff and pupils are very proud of their school and are extremely happy there.

Parents are incredibly positive with the provision and feel that their children have made progress and are happy attending the school. "

Consultants: Nick Rees and Ros McCarthy, date of visit 22nd May 2014, approved by Council June 2014

New Centre added to the Register

Mitchells Dyslexia Facility, West Sussex - Category TC

"All pupils went willingly, one even loves going, even though they were teenagers and it was after school!

All parents thought that their child had made progress and were more confident learners."

Consultant: Nick Rees, date of visit 228th April 2014, approved by Council June 2014

New School added to the Register

Pipers Corner School, Buckinghamshire - Category DU

"The well-resourced, Individual Learning Support Department is led effectively by Lisa Olcot. It is Central to the life of the school and is valued by the Head, the stafff, the students and their parents.

The students thrive in the happy atmosphere of the school and make good, measurable progress both socially and academically. . "

Consultant: Fay Cookson, date of visit 27th January 2014, approved by Council March 2014

We have updated our criteria

New Category added, re-organisation of layout and braodenning of terms of reference from "Dyslexia(SpLD)" to "SpLD"

This is a major change to our terms of reference. A reflection of the work our consultants and schools have been doing for many years.

We have updated our definition of qualified to reflect the alternative routes by which teachers can gain experience and qualificaitons.

Agreed by Council October 2013

New School added to the Register

Millfield School, Somerset - Category DU

"Acceptance is fully recommended. Millfield takes exemplary care to get things right for its pupils and gets things very right for students with additional needs- whatever they might be.

The LSC is inspiring and the use of IT is particularly exciting. The school buildings enable all sorts of opportunities for art, drama and cookery as well as the sporting activities for which it is well known. . "

Consultant: Ros McCarthy, date of visit 23rd September 2013, approved by Council October 2013

New School added to the Register

Thetford Grammar School, Norfolk - Category WS

"The teaching is of an exceptionally high standard, meeting the needs of students with a range of learning differences, especially dyslexia/SpLD. The school benefits from its links with the Psychology department of Anglia Ruskin University. "

Consultant: Ros McCarthy, date of visit 18th June 2013, approved by Council October 2013

SEN Magazine: Choosing a school for a dyslexic child

Article written by Brendan Wignall, Chair of CReSTeD and Headmaster of Ellesmere College

Useful advice for parents to help them find the best school for their child. The article is reproduce here, you can see the original article on the SEN Magazine website or download the pdf.

February 2013
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